About Antharathma

A man's own self is his friend. A man's own self is his foe. – Bhagavad Gita

The journey of a person depends on various parameters and goes through many conscience challenges. Venu Sharma, the founder; believes that change is necessary but there should be a synergy between conscience and the work.

“In the game of cricket the bowling style changes with the changing time; Right Arm Fast, Right Arm Medium fast, Left Arm Fast, Left Arm Medium fast, Right Arm off-break/Doosra/Teesra, Right Arm Leg-break/Googly/Flipper, Left Arm Orthodox, Left Arm Chinaman, Medium fast bowling, off-cutters, leg-cutters, seam up, etc. Life also needs change with the changing times.” says Venu.

His life also has various phases and myantharathma.org is a thought converted to mind-mapping management with the help various tools.

New innovation is the need and will continue coming.” says Venu.

“The great epics have different characters, but in this complex world one character can adapt another very easily at the same time as per the situation.” We had Rama, Shakuni, Kunthi, Darmaraya….Vali-Sugreeva, the great Hanumatha….says Venu. Today we have ONE person who is of all characteristics in different %...so need to work in complex with the complex.

These are all realizations over the years and there is a need in the society for creating a social corporate approach for the betterment of the humanity.

  • Social Enterpreneur

    Practicing & applying myantharathma management techiniques. Working towards cancer hospital project in India.

  • Enterpreneur

    CEO & Founder of a brand consulting and creative design company (Mangalore and Bangalore)

  • Professional

    Worked across sectors with many brands and realized the corporate culture and importance to follow the path of conscience as per the situations and changing times.

  • Adulthood

    Rebellious with not so clear goals.

  • Early

    Venu Sharma (Founder) and the journey of the realization

The mind-mapping consultancy covers all the below areas: