Keep your day happy. Follow Myantharathma

  • You wake up before 7 a.m.
  • The moment you wake up, open your eyes. Do not get out of the bed.
  • For 2-3 min. – think your day plan. list your day’s action plan/work plan/meetings etc.
  • Bathe before or soon after bed tea.
  • Come out and expose yourself to the SUN for 1-2 min. and pray to the Almighty.
  • Eat 2 bādāms /2 dry grapes.
  • Let your breakfast be energy-driven (not junk) food.
  • Do whatever you have planned for the day from morning till 9 at night. Have coffee, tea, lunch etc. and also have a good control over your habit of smoking & drinking and eating more. Using your mobile more than required!?
  • Have fun/frolic, but everything should be in control – do not react negatively/get boiled over ugly situations.
  • In the evening, plan your happy moments – even the habit of alcohol is to be managed cautiously with enough intake of energy food.
  • Before 11 p.m. (pray for 1 min. with +ve emotions only. Do not think of negativity at all )
  • Express your gratitude to God thanking him for giving you a glorious day. Please ask Him to provide you one more day of the same kind to do a good JOB. Imagine that you are going to die that night. This very thought is enough to send you to sound sleep.

Note: I am not promoting bad habits. Habits are simply habits and we have to live with them. My personal view is that what ever you do in your life, there is no escape route. In other words, you will inevitably have to live it. I have seen people without habits also dying because of health issues like diabetes. A man performing yoga passes away for no reason. Cancer can affect anyone and smoking is only a lame excuse or reason for it. Habits should not eat into your day-to- day life. You should live “with” or “without” habits. It may be with/without a pen, a cigarette, a cup of coffee, a pizza, a star hotel, a dio, non veg. food or any particular food or anything for that matter. You should control your habits. Habits should not drive you to hang on to them.

“Love your job. Work for your GOAL… spend for it. Do not go behind just saving your asset for your next generation”