The most powerful truth of life is that the inner-self and the outer-self of a human being never work in parallel. The inner-self is pure and resembles truth. The outer-self is impure and resembles fact.

A person hesitates to bribe, because his inner-self says it is impure or incorrect to do so, which is the truth! But later that person ends up bribing because he has to get his work done and even though this practice is impure, it is a fact that this happens all the time. A person, who manages to shift priority from fact to life-changing truth, is the person who has listened to his Antharathma. So, the battle between the inner-self and the outer-self is an ongoing process and most of the time the outer-self overrules the inner-self. But the ultimate winner is the Antharathma (inner-self) because the concept of Antharathma initiates Self-realization, which can make a man strong and help him make wise decisions, ultimately contributing to the development of the society. One of the major applications of Antharathma is in effective decision-making. Every step of life requires decision-making skills, be it major and minor decisions. Any challenge will always have two resolutions - 'Do It' or 'Not to Do It'. Antharathma always prompts you to ‘Do the Right thing’, and ‘Not To Do the Wrong thing’, in your life! you too might have experienced such instances, where Antharathma would reiterate what is right; you have followed your Antharathma and today you are successful. Here rests the vital intention of


Majority of human beings :

  • Have individual perceptions of everything
  • Show “Attitude”
  • Justifications for all our actions
  • False image/packaging for good image
  • Live for some systems we adopted as best and change it for time
  • Quote some historical event/character/Mgt story for our actions & deeds.

Stories and teachings that inspired the founder Venu Sharma in his journey - Venu Sharma’s father once told a story to him about the life, choices and journey.

Story 1:

There was a family of three. God gave them a task to start a journey in search of treasure in a forest which consisted of money, gold and diamonds. They had to start their day at 6am and be back at home by 6pm and whatever they collected that day would be their earning. The family began their journey on time at 6am and they visited the forest. They began collecting Money first, until their bag started overflowing. They then decided to collect Gold as it would take less space and fetch more value. Eventually they were hungry and they started having arguments on how to finish the task of the day. The man of the family returned back home to collect another bag. His wife stayed with the child in the forest. It was lunch time and the child was very hungry, but there was no food and the child got crankier. The mother tried managing the child, even scolded him but he would not be pacified. The father insisted that if the child ate something he would calm down, but neither parent was ready to quit the search. This lead to more arguments between the couple, opinions clashed and but their journey for treasure continued, ignoring their basic needs. It was almost dusk. They realized if they also collect diamonds, they will be richer and the search continued. In their greed, they fail to turn up in front of God at 6pm, thus losing all the treasure they collected throughout the day. The family ended up tired, hungry, exhausted and with no money. All hard work and sacrifices in vain!

Moral: Our choices matter and the decisions we make at different stages, decide the course of our life.

If the family had taken enough time to listen to their needs instead of giving in to their greed, accumulate enough strength - physically and mentally, then continue their journey for treasure, and realize when they had enough luxury, they would be left with good health and wealth!

Story 2:There was a phase in Venu Sharma’s life when he worked as a consultant for an ex-underworld Don. His father couldn’t accept the fact and he decided to give him a vision of life and he called Venu and narrated a story to him. And after listening to that Venu Sharma stopped consulting him. There was a boy who was working as a servant to an underworld don and one day there was an issue regarding collecting bribes from a client. The don asked his servant to go threaten the client and collect it. He was nervous but he had to do it. Then again one day the don asked him to go and beat a guy. He was in dilemma but he again did it. He realized that nothing was happening to him. His fear of getting arrested was not there anymore. Because he knew that the don will save him. One day the don asked him to do a murder and be in jail for sometime till the things get controlled. And in return the don will give a huge amount of money to his family to lead a better life. He was confused but then he agreed to do the job. And he murdered for money. Moral: That’s life and it’s our choices at particular situation and the decision that matters in the journey of life. Our choices decide the results.

Fact 1: The real Aadhyatama In the Adhyatama there is no God; it is connecting to ‘Shoonya’ the Zero. Or you can also say that connect your Aatma to the universe, may be called as God. He said “Do whatever you want that do, but don’t harm others in any way/ in any manner”.

Fact 2: Go behind life; live your life every day
You, your wife and 6 year daughter (Avani was 6 years then) have a beautiful day…

Fact 3: Working for/with your boss/company that connects to Karma
(Refer the above story no.2)

  • Live with systems on your own, for the best life. But do not waste living for systems.
  • You can eat, drink whatever you want, but do not harm others and also note that it should not harm your productive systematic life. Your family life.
  • Speak to people as much as you can; not to connect with their thinking but to increase your thinking level.We deal with clients honestly
  • Do not fight with others, do your job with inner power and they will keep quite without harming.
  • People talk negative about you when you work, they create stories around you; they questions you with ‘ISAMS’, but please note that they are the same people of this society. They will build you soon after you reach optimum level of myantharathama positives.
  • In the early morning when you wake up, please think for 3-5 min on the day work with your positive mind. Your life will be blissful.
  • The moment you (not others on you) get in to argument just leave the place, forgets justifications. Take a break “Mouna Vritham” silence of myantharathma is the best of all for mankind. Very difficult but not impossible…
  • Give money to others, you will get more invisible money in your pocket. Venu said- But recently inspired by a FB message my daughter Avani said, when I asked what you want to be in life? She said, I want to be a leader where I will not look in to a MRP price tag when I want to buy something or when am buying something I want.”
  • Let your mind travel, do not stop it, fantasize your dreams . Day dream but slowly put the process to derive your dreams to actions. This is myantharathma.

His father said this when he was 12 year after this it was only thinking days for him – “If you do not get answers; just refer Indian mythological books, you will get the answer”. While expressing this he also said, what scientific innovations you are seeing today has happened in India or this world during the era of Veda & Upanishad and has scripted for years now. E= MC2 is Purushansooktha, Mahabaharata’s Kouravas are nothing but cloning, Asharreravani is Telipathi , Kurukshetra is nothing but live telecast, Drona was born in mud Pot…so test tube baby…he told this so confidence … He said ‘Jotishya’ is a good science of ‘theory of relativity’ and made his point very clear that it is only an indicator on probability; you believe it for deriving a process and methodology when you come across ‘options to choose’.

“think different, do good to others, your prayers are making you confident within, guide others for good actions, build positive leaders , support the cause if it is helping the large, talk-act transparent , oppose if things which are negative to the society at root level, connect to people of good actions…and many more.

When I say this I am deriving some concept for it - Historically this Brahmin community was doing this; few were doing it in dictatorial way, few suppressed the rest of the community for positive deeds of theirs. Today this community is more of working class at company levels; of course few of them are at research level, social entrepreneurs, farmers, but the core value propositions are left behind… I also feel that Brahminsm is way of life…and not a community. Ravan was a brahmin, Valmeeki , Modi, Rahul, Deve gowda, Ambani, Steeve jobs…can also be a brahmin…any one of you leaders can be a Brahmin…by your focus on myantharathma.

I am just quoting the life systems referring to one brahmin community of myantharathma. The methodology of myantharathma is large and it will work in different cultures, religions, communities and languages; proactive…of the world. “Vasudhiva Kutumbakam” (world is one family).

“Many things are unsaid… it happens to once life. No reason why it happened to you; only you. But it happens” myantharathma gives answers to these.


Efficiency: Get Over-board

  • Mindset Management
  • The water theory
  • The distraction /concentration deviation theory
  • The Balance communication theory
  • The Silence theory
  • The Ignorance theory

I personally hate western theories. They want everything to be scientific. Is everything approved scientifically??

At the same time, I hate Indian historical theories that have been formed without reasoning. They believe anything and everything that “they said then”.

There are a lot of things that can be felt, observed, adopted half-way, picked with reason, picked for understanding.

Great people like Swami Vivekānanda and Rāmakrishna Paramahamsa, and Lord Krishna in the Bhagavadgeeta, said this.