Reader's Story

If you have experienced instances in your life, wherein you have listened to your Antharathma and you have been successful by your Antharathma's decision, we request you to share your experiences with us, so that people (society at large) who are in a dilemma of decision-making in their lives are benefited to the extreme.

Experience makes a man perfect, but we believe: “Experiences can lead you to perfection; and your experiences can lead others towards perfection too”

Few quotations for Leaders :

“Go for value creation not only wealth creation”
“Business is making money and offer the stakeholders to make their money “
“People struggle …go behind quick money …wanted to live for tomorrow . I say that live your life happy every day”
“Start dreaming…dream every day connect to the dream to your inner heart…see the value proposition”

Myantharāthma always asks to do what our instinct has wished to do as long as it does not damage others or change our day-to-day life or dishonor us & harm or sadden our inner circle.

So I always explore new things. Sometimes it looks stupid to my dear people… but, for me, it is value creation.

Once in the path of my life I felt that I should offer 100 to 108 varieties of flowers to a temple, which is dear to my heart and undoubtedly I did so. For THIS I applied all the key principles of LIFE. That is, the concept of Planning, Management, SCM, team-networks etc. It offered a kick to my antharāthma.

One day I felt that I should visit in 108 days 108 places-the places of visible & invisible energy- where people worship and I did so. It gave me so much confidence that today I am one step ahead in thinking differently and doing different things.

In the last 8 years, I haven’t gone to bed without creating 3 value additions/value creations in a day. If I am out of town, that exercise is being carried to the following days. Again, I have created 5-6 categories of value addition. 1) Blood donation 2) Some new idea for my clients 3) Agriculture, planting-related work 4) Donation 5) Help in employment 6) Help in health- related issues 7) Inspiration to those who desperately come for advice 8) Financial help/donations 9) Providing food for the needy and a few more.

I feel wealth creation or value addition is the subject of “management by objective”.

Almost all people go for wealth creation. Only a few go for value creation. But we come across great people who live their lives happily managing both every day for which they need to create “antharāthma” in them. They live their life differently…they love their life differently... and that is the reason why they are our favorite people.

There are many concepts to live your life. For example the concept of ‘NON-DUALITY ’or “ONENESS” (Adwaitha), the concept of ‘DUALITY’ (Dwaitha), the concept of ‘MANY’ (Vishishtādwaitha) and the concept of ‘ZERO’ (Shoonya ). The majority of world leaders work on Management principles of TQM, Khizan, concepts of transformation of the Buddha, Prophet Mohammad, Jesus Christ etc.

myantharāthma is an initiative for “difference”.

I believe & advocate that the Bhagavad Gita is the best strategy book for life. I personally like the concept of “Adwaitha” (ātma and paramātma, the visible and the invisible, are one). It is Maya... “I and the Father are one”. Ātma & God are same. More than all this – I liked Adwaitha concept because it does not create in us either fear of death or even fear of life! So finally the line of the Gita “Karmanye vādhikāraste mā phaleshu kadāchana” (do your job, result will follow).